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Mount Mfg Announces Acquisition of Advanced Metrology Equipment and software

Boyne City, MI (April 15, 2018) – Mount Mfg expanded its manufacturing capacity with the addition of a Ram Optical Vision System equipped Measure-X and MeasureFit Software.

“With recent additions to our manufacturing technical staff, and added capacity, we’ve managed to create a more diversified customer base. This has led to a variety of print specification strategies. For example, we’ve seen an increased utilization of profiles and positional tolerances with bonus conditions. Traditional inspection methods of optical comparators, micrometers, and gage pins are insufficient for sophisticated geometrical controls. This added inspection equipment allows Mount Mfg to better meet the needs of our customers.” – Eric Lintula, Mount Mfg’s CEO.

About Mount Mfg
Mount Mfg is a privately held ISO 13485:2016 certified contract manufacturer providing manufacturing services for medical device companies. Mount Mfg is headquartered in Boyne City, MI. Mount Mfg provides development and manufacturing services for domestic and international medical device companies.

Eric Lintula, Chief Executive Officer 

John Sanchez, Chief Operating Officer