Mount Mfg

We Foster innovation

Mount Mfg is an orthopedic manufacturing and contract service company. We were founded in 2016 as a dedicated medical device manufacturing firm. As a service to OEMs, we’ve manufactured components and finished goods for the following systems.

  • Interbody Systems (PLIF, TLIF, and Cervical)
  • Standalone Interbodies w/ Integrated Fixation
  • 3D Printed Interbodies
  • Open and MIS Pedicle Screw Systems
  • Anterior Cervical Plating Systems
  • Facet Screw Systems
  • Allografts (PLIF, TLIF, Cervical)
  • Full Instrumentation for the above systems (ratchet mechanisms, locks, hinges, buttons)

Mount Mfg now offers a full line of manufacturing services that includes Swiss machining, cleaning, passivation, automated finishing, laser marking, and heat treatment. Mount Mfg is ISO 13485:2016 certified for both design and manufacturing. .

Jesse Nye

Chief Operations Officer